benefits of doggy daycare and boarding

benefits of doggy daycare and boarding

Three Dog Kennel Restrictions Of Which You May Not Be Aware

Eva Davidson

Doggy daycare is the best thing for a dog, especially if it left at home all day alone and no one can let it outside for toileting. Dogs that suffer anxiety also need socialization, and get a fair amount in pet daycare. If you are planning on enrolling your beloved pooch in doggy daycare, there are at least three restrictions to which many dog kennel owners at places like Alpha K-9 Kennels adhere.

1. All Dogs Must Be Spayed or Neutered

Nobody likes to find out that another person's pet has impregnated their dog. You may think it an unfair rule, especially if you have a championship winner, but dogs that are not spayed or neutered can become aggressive with other dogs and seriously harm them. For the safety of all dogs in daycare, either spay/neuter yours or accept the fact that your dogs will be playing by themselves.

2. Dogs with Communicable Diseases Must Stay Home

Your dogs are like your children, and like children, you would not want them to get sick or share their illnesses with other "kids". Several dog kennel owners will not allow sick pets on the premises until the sick pets have received a clean bill of health from their vets or until the vets have cleared them of anything that can spread to other dogs. Doggy daycare "teachers" want all the "kids" to be healthy and have fun, so keep your sick pups at home.

3. Potentially Aggressive Dogs Need to Be Muzzled

If you know your pooch has an occasional twitch to bite or snap, bring a muzzle to daycare. While your pet plays with people and other dogs, the muzzle keeps everyone safe. Dog kennel owners will remove the muzzle at feeding times and when your dog is playing one-on-one games with staff members that it likes.

Why So Many Restrictions?

The point to any rule or restriction in daycare, be it human or pet, is to keep everybody safe, healthy, comfortable and happy. Since this is what you would want for your dogs anyway, the rules and restrictions should not be an issue. Modifications can be made to accommodate any dog in pet daycare, but it is more fun for dogs and their care providers when the rules are followed. The dogs get to spend more time sniffing other dogs' butts and saying hello, chasing toys and getting lots of pets. They are less lonely, and they do better when they see you at the end of the day.


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benefits of doggy daycare and boarding

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