benefits of doggy daycare and boarding

benefits of doggy daycare and boarding

First Time Boarding Your Dog? Prioritize Qualities That Give You Peace Of Mind

Eva Davidson

If you are a new dog owner, you may not have used dog boarding before. However, you may have an upcoming long-distance trip where you plan to use these services for your dog. The lack of experience using these facilities might make you feel a little worried. Fortunately, you can go on in-person tours and prioritize qualities that give you peace of mind about the experience. 

Facility Design

A detail worth analyzing is the design for each facility. For instance, you will find it beneficial to pick a facility that focuses on a design that keeps outside noise to a minimum. This setup will ensure that all the dogs staying inside will not hear thunder, vehicles, or sirens. You may feel better bringing your dog to this kind of facility, especially if they are scared of loud noises.

Another way that a facility's design can lead to a better experience for your dog is ample natural lighting. For instance, you might notice that your dog loves to soak in the sunspots when you leave the blinds or curtains open. A strategically designed facility will allow your dog to do the same thing during their stay, which can keep them feeling comfortable and happy.

Private Suite

While you may love the idea of your dog running around with other dogs, you might prefer a private suite for their first stay at a facility. An ideal scenario is finding a suite with private indoor and outdoor access because your dog can then go outside whenever they please.

When your dog normally spends time outside at dog parks, on walks, and in the backyard, you may feel better knowing that you can give them their own outdoor space.

Suite Setup

A boarding suite's design can make a noticeable difference in your dog's experience. A suite with comfortable furniture will give your dog a place to nap, relax, and sleep easily. Some places will even put a television in the suites to provide entertainment and soothing sounds. Another possibility is a facility using speakers throughout the facility to play calming music.

When you are going somewhere with reliable Internet, and you plan on having free time, you can prioritize facilities with a webcam in every suite. This setup will allow you to check in on your dog throughout your trip to see how they handle their time in the facility.

Prioritizing these qualities will help you with getting first-time pet boarding services.


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benefits of doggy daycare and boarding

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