benefits of doggy daycare and boarding

benefits of doggy daycare and boarding

Five Vaccinations Your Pet Will Probably Need Before Being Boarded

Eva Davidson

Any boarding facility you consider is likely to look into the vaccination history of your dog before accepting him or her. Numerous dogs put together in a confined space create an environment where common diseases could easily be transmitted if not for vaccinations.

You should not only be aware of vaccination standards, but you should also prefer that a boarding facility has them. These vaccination standards assure you that the facility in question is a safe place for your pet.

The following are five vaccinations that are often required by boarding facilities on pets that they care for. If your dog has had all the vaccinations mentioned below, you should have no problem finding a boarding facility that will accept him or her. 


Vaccinating against distemper requires a series of vaccinations. This means that it's not easy to get the distemper vaccination in its entirety at the last minute if you're going on a trip.

However, your dog has most likely already been vaccinated for distemper if he or she is older than 16 weeks of age


Dogs can contract the hepatitis vaccine just like humans can, and canine hepatitis is highly contagious. It can also be very deadly, typically causing instant death in young dogs who become infected. 

The canine hepatitis vaccine is especially important because there is no way to treat dogs once they become infected. The only thing you can do to protect your dog and other dogs from this condition is get your dog vaccinated before it is ever infected. 

Kennel cough

This condition is typically only deadly in very young and very old dogs. However, it is nevertheless a very complex condition that is ripe for the development of life-threatening complications.

Kennel cough is caused by both a bacterium and a virus. It is highly contagious in a kennel environment, so boarding facilities almost always require it before accepting a dog for boarding. 


Leptospirosis is a bacterial condition that can be spread through soil, water, and urine. It is especially important for dogs who spend time swimming in lakes and areas with lots of standing water. 

Of course, any dog at a boarding facility is susceptible to contracting the condition if other dogs present have not been vaccinated. Because leptospirosis is transmissible through urine, boarding facilities typically require vaccination against this condition. 


Parvovirus is known as a viral gastroenteritis condition. Symptoms it causes in dogs include depression, vomiting, diarrhea, and death. 

Nowadays, young dogs are usually vaccinated against this condition before they reach the age of eight weeks

If your dog has each of these vaccinations, you should have no problem boarding him or her at a place like The Pets Place Animal Hospital.


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benefits of doggy daycare and boarding

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