benefits of doggy daycare and boarding

benefits of doggy daycare and boarding

3 Tips To Prevent Your Dog From Contracting The Canine Influenza H3N2 At Boarding

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When going out of town, you can rest assured that all of your dog's needs are met by placing it in a dog boarding facility. There, your dog will receive all of the attention and care that they need. In addition, they can socialize with other dogs that have been boarded at the facility. Although there are many advantages to boarding your dog at a facility, close contact with other dogs make your dog more vulnerable to the flu and other diseases. One of the most particularly problematic strains of flu is the H3N2. The first case of H3N2 in North America was documented in 2015. After coming down with the flu, your dog will become lethargic and will exhibit symptoms like coughing, inappetence, fever, and pneumonia. Here are three tips for preventing your dog from contracting the flu while at a boarding facility.

Vaccination Is a Major Key

Before boarding your dog, visit the veterinarian for a check-up to ensure that your dog is not ill. It's also important for the veterinarian to determine whether your dog's immune system is healthy or whether it will be much more vulnerable to contracting diseases and sicknesses. When you're there, get your dog vaccinated. Although no vaccinations can completely prevent your dog from contracting the flu, they are a major key to prevention. Your dog should be vaccinated yearly for both influenza strains, H3N8 and H3N2. Make sure that the dog boarding facility requires that all dogs be vaccinated prior to getting dropped off at the facility.  

Avoid Dog Boarding Facilities that Had an Outbreak or an Infected Dog

When choosing a dog boarding facility for your dog, do your research. Contact the facility yourself to inquire about whether they have boarded any infected dogs in the past or whether they have had any past boarders call back to report that their dog had contracted the flu. Follow up with any claims that have been made by doing a quick search online. If any boarded dogs contracted the flu while at the facility, you can bet your money that there are some disgruntled dog owners out there posting negative reviews.

Ask the Boarding Facility What They're Doing

To ensure that the dog boarding facility takes the well-being of the dogs boarded there seriously, don't hesitate to ask the boarding facility about whether they have any protocols in place to prevent the spread of flu. For example, some boarding facilities will require their employees to wash their hands frequently when handling each dog to prevent germs and bacteria from getting spread from one dog to another.


Do your research ahead of time on several different dog boarding facilities to determine which facility is the best fit for your dog. You should feel comfortable with leaving your dog at the facility. Bring your dog some toys and familiar items when dropping it off at a boarding facility, so that it feels less stressed when you're gone and has a better time. For more information, talk to a professional like Crossroads Pet Resort.


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benefits of doggy daycare and boarding

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