benefits of doggy daycare and boarding

benefits of doggy daycare and boarding

4 Treatments Your Dog Will Love At The Dog Spa

Eva Davidson

Your dog is part of the family, so of course you want to treat them well. If you want to do something special for your dog, you should treat them to a day at the dog spa. Spa treatments aren't just for humans anymore; there are spas that cater to your four-legged friend with many treatments that dogs can benefit from. Here are four spa services for dogs that your pet will love. 

1. Bath 

According to The Dog People, you should wash your dog at least once a month. Instead of bathing your dog yourself, treat them to a day at the dog spa where they'll get a bath in a luxurious environment. Professional spa representatives will wash your dog with premium quality shampoo and conditioner that's great for your dog's coat and skin. If your dog suffers from dry, itchy skin, regular baths can soothe them.

2. Massage

Dogs can benefit from massage just like people can. Swedish massage, reflexology, and acupressure can all be used on dogs to great effect. Massage is soothing for dogs and can help them relax. It can also relieve sore, tired muscles that can be a concern for older dogs. If your dog suffers from anxiety, there's some evidence that dog massage can provide some relief.

3. Detailing

There are many little grooming tasks that can greatly benefit dogs, which you might not have time to do yourself. At the dog spa, spa technicians can cut your dog's nails, brush their teeth, and even clean their ears. While this can make your dog look more beautiful, it also provides many health benefits. Regular ear cleaning can keep our dog's ears free of mites and infection, and keeping your dog's nails trimmed can reduce the chance of a foot injury.

4. Haircut

If your dog has a long coat, it can easily get tangled or matted unless you brush it regularly. If your dog's fur is looking ragged or if it's just too hot to have that much fur, your dog can get a haircut at the dog spa. Spa technicians have a lot of experience trimming dogs' fur, so you can rest assured that your dog will get a safe and attractive haircut. After your dog's fur is trimmed, they will be brushed. You can even request that your dog is given a bow or other fun accessory. Your dog will be able to go home looking better than ever.


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benefits of doggy daycare and boarding

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