benefits of doggy daycare and boarding

benefits of doggy daycare and boarding

4 Financial Benefits Of Dog Boarding Over Sitting While On A Trip

Eva Davidson

Going on a trip without your dog means you will need to make sure they are cared for in your absence. A possible solution is to hire a dog sitter who comes over and watches your dog. While this can work, you will find that boarding service is more financially beneficial. By learning about how you save money, you will feel confident about boarding your dog while traveling.

Climate Control

When your dog stays at your home, you need to keep the house at a comfortable enough temperature for them to be happy and healthy. This means running the heater in the winter and using the air conditioner during summer to prevent extreme temperatures. If dog boarding leaves your house empty, you can afford to give these major systems a rest during your trip.

These systems are often a major contributing factor to your utility bills. So, you will notice a clear difference in the bill at the end of the month.

Multiple Visits

Hiring a dog sitter requires them to come over multiple times per day to feed your dog, check their water, and take them outside for bathroom breaks. This makes boarding service an excellent alternative because your dog will be able to go to the bathroom at any time. Also, you can give specific feeding instructions to boarding employees for them to follow during your trip.

An overnight stay will often prove to be more affordable than multiple sitter trips.

Extra Services

While away from home, you may know that your dog will not get the same attention, exercise, socialization, and stimulation that they are used to getting. A dog sitter may provide your dog with their complete attention during their visits, but it will still be limited. Instead, boarding your dog means that people and other dogs will surround them to meet all their needs.

This will help you save money because you will not need to pay a sitter to take your dog on walks or stay for extended periods to give them one-on-one attention.

Wear and Tear

Even a well-behaved dog will add extra wear and tear to your home's features. Their nails can cause damage to furniture and flooring, and they can get dirty when going outside. So, leaving your dog at home while on a trip means that this wear and tear will continue. Boarding your dog will give your home's furniture and features a break from the wear and tear buildup.

When comparing dog sitting to animal boarding, you can enjoy savings in numerous ways by boarding your dog while on a trip.


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benefits of doggy daycare and boarding

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