benefits of doggy daycare and boarding

benefits of doggy daycare and boarding

  • Planning A Move To A Warm Climate? 3 Reasons To Get Your Dog Groomed Before The Move

    Keeping your dog comfortable during a move and once you arrive at your new home can be a challenge, especially if they are a breed that has a long coat. While you can certainly make the move comfortable by providing them with fresh water and a good place to sit in the car during the drive, you need to also consider the challenges that having a longer coat can come with when it's warm on your route or at your destination.

  • Four Tips For Training A Deaf Dog

    A dog may be born deaf or lose its hearing due to old age. Fortunately, you can teach a deaf dog to respond to hand signals the same way a hearing dog responds to spoken commands.  As with any dog training, persistence and patience go a long way toward a well-behaved and happy pet. 1. Practice desensitization. A deaf dog can't hear you approach, so when he feels an unexpected touch, he may become startled.

  • Five Vaccinations Your Pet Will Probably Need Before Being Boarded

    Any boarding facility you consider is likely to look into the vaccination history of your dog before accepting him or her. Numerous dogs put together in a confined space create an environment where common diseases could easily be transmitted if not for vaccinations. You should not only be aware of vaccination standards, but you should also prefer that a boarding facility has them. These vaccination standards assure you that the facility in question is a safe place for your pet.

  • 5 Things Your Pet Needs for Boarding

    Are you leaving your pets with a pet day care and boarding facility while you hit the road? If so, you are probably scrambling around trying to gather all your most important pet supplies to ensure that Fido or Fluffy has everything he or she needs during the stay. Pay attention to these five items, which are crucial when you are leaving your dog or cat in a boarding facility—your pet will thank you for packing them.

  • Controlling Allergies While Owning A Cat

    If you or someone in your home has a slight cat allergy and you want to keep the pet without having any health complications, there are a few things you can try to do. If the allergy isn't life threatening or causing serious health concerns, changing the way you clean and doing some things with the cat can help. You'll want to call your veterinarian to make an appointment for your cat, and you'll want to start doing the following things around your home.

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benefits of doggy daycare and boarding

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